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Staff of the 757


Hey, My name is Keith, but most call me Tank. I'm a Tanuki with the colors of a raccoon. I've been with the group for about 8 years or so, and a Moderator for a little under 2 years now. I realized I was a furry way back in 1996 through a furry SMMORPG called Furcadia. I'm an all around friendly guy, just ask anyone in the group! Some say I'm like a big cuddly teddy bear, but trust me, I'm a tanuki XD I'm a bit of a furry/anime artist, but sadly my inspiration to draw comes and goes like a mood swing. I'm easily approachable and willing to make friends with pretty much everyone.

 If you have any questions or concerns please, I'm willing to listen and do what I can to help. 

Telegram: @tanktanuki
Twitter: @Tank_the_Tanuki
Facebook: Tank Donnay


My name is Jason and my sona’s name is Abaddon Strife. I’m a friendly demon wolf and dragon. I love to talk and hang out with people. Don’t be shy and not say hello I won’t bite....much. If you ever need me don’t hesitate to shoot me a message.

Telegram: @sneak417


Hey! The name is Casey! I have been with the 757 furries since the beginning. It all started with me messaging over 500 people on yahoo messenger (old right?) to see if people were interested in meeting up. Me doing that led me to Symba and the rest was history! I am here for all so feel free to come to me if you need help!

Telegram: @caseyredfox


Hello! My name is Tundra, founder of a local furry dance group called the Cyberfurz. I joined the 757 group in mid 2015. Over time, I found myself wanting to not just be a part of the community, I also wanted to help out in all I can. Never be afraid to stop by and say hello! 

Telegram: @TundraFox

Twitter: @TundraAFox

Jackson / Dante

Hi there! My name is Nick but you can call me Jackson or Dante; I'm a full-time accounting student finishing their bachelor's degree online while working in the medical field. In my spare time, I'm really into digital art, League of Legends, and fursuiting! I found my passion for the furry fandom back in 2010 in my prime of playing Neopets. I stumbled upon the 757-furries original website back in 2014 and since its closure, I've been interested in creating a new website with the same passion. My main priorities as a moderator consist of running the website, creating free merchandise, hosting online and offline events, and being a source of support for those who need it - rather that be emotional support or any questions someone might have. 

Telegram: @Neopets


Hey everyone! My name is Madison or Heck. I'm a fursuit maker, artist, and sole owner of HeckGeckFursuits. I've been a moderator for 757 since 2016 and discovered I was a furry in early highschool around 2011. My main fursona is Heck the Crested Gecko who is also the mascot of my business. I've been a fursuit maker since 2014 and my main goal with suits is to make a truly unique character come to life. 

If you ever have questions regarding 757, fursuits, or furry artwork feel free to message me!

Telegram: @HeckGeck
Twitter: @HeckGeck
Facebook: Madison Holbrook
Website: https://www.heckgeck.com/


the Solf

Joined the 757 furs in late 2007, after being in for a year, was promoted to moderator. Taking charge of organizing, planning meets and dealing with businesses for fursuiting privileges. Due to his passion for the group and dedication to planning meets and focusing on fursuit events, he was promoted to “admin” in 2015, where he continued to build relationships with businesses and continued to make meets that were inclusive to all age groups within the 757, as well as listen to and assist members with any issues or concerns they had.

Outside the local group, Hengstolf is a major player in the con circuit. Having reached the level of assistant director for programming at Anthrocon in Pittsburgh, assistant head of security at Fur Affinity United (FAU) in Dulles, Virginia, and head of programming and security at Fursona-con in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Hengstolf left the group in June of 2019, to move back to the Midwest, where he was from.