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I have been with the 757 furries since the beginning. It all started with me messaging over 500 people on yahoo messenger (old right?) to see if people were interested in meeting up. Me doing that led me to Symba and the rest was history! I am here for all so feel free to come to me if you need help!

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My name is Tundra, founder of a local furry dance group called the Cyberfurz. I joined the 757 group in mid-2015. Over time, I found myself wanting to not just be a part of the community, I also wanted to help out in all I can. Never be afraid to stop by and say hello!

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I'm a fursuit maker, artist, and sole owner of HeckGeckFursuits. I've been a moderator for 757 since 2016 and discovered I was a furry in early highschool around 2011. My main fursona is Heck the Crested Gecko who is the mascot of my business. I've been a fursuit maker since 2014 and my main goal with suits is to make a truly unique character come to life.


Admin from 2008-2019

Hengstolf the Solf

Due to his passion for the group and dedication to planning meets and focusing on fursuit events, he was promoted to admin in 2015, where he continued to build relationships with businesses and continued to make meets that were inclusive to all age groups within the 757, as well as listen to and assist members with any issues or concerns they had.

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